Jacoby Consulting offers a range of future-focused analytical tools to leverage limited resources, compare alternatives, visualize future outcomes, and move ahead in the face of uncertainty. Modern business moves too fast for backward-looking tools that merely compare today with yesterday. Here are a few of the techniques available to you:

  • Mathematical models
  • Randomness and confidence intervals
  • Data merging
  • Classification trees
  • Correlation & regression
  • Multiple regression for categorization
  • Forecasting
  • Exploratory data mining with cluster analysis
  • Text mining with naive Bayes
  • Finding outliers using k-distance
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Decision trees
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Multi-attribute utility analysis
  • Scenario development for long-range planning

Carol Jacoby has taught all of these techniques and more. They require no more than standard Microsoft Excel. She is currently teaching most of these methods in the key mathematical portion of the Predictive Analytics course offered by Caltech Technical Management Education (https://ctme.caltech.edu/project-management/predictive-analytics-certificate-caltech). She can provide a combination of analysis and training tailored to the needs of your team.

We Provide:

Business Analytics

• Assessment of needs

• Stakeholder workshops

• Consensus building

• Concept development

• Evaluation of alternatives

• Systems engineering

• Architecture development

• Evolutionary deployment

• Benefits prediction

• System trade studies

• Functional requirements

• Proposals

• Reports

• Architecture documentation

• Stakeholder briefings

• Program assessment

• Document review